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Feature: IncredAble


IncredAble is a voluntary organisation creating meaningful social, recreational and educational opportunities for people with learning/intellectual disability and/or autism.  IncredAble indivuals are empowered to make choices, discover talents, realise passions and participate in a community on their own terms.  IncredAble deliver projects and services in the Southern Health and Social Care Trust.



Feature: Cycle Recycle

Our Aim is to supply affordable bicycles to encourage people to take up cycling to help improve their Physical, Mental or Emotional Well-being!

At this years Newry Business Awards we took home Highly Commended in the Best Social Enterprise group. This reflects the hard work we have put in from Day One and how we aim to be the best in the near future.

This year we have teamed up with Firmus Energy allowing us to support amazing projects held within our local community.



Feature: Parent Action


Every Day Harmony is the brand name of the Northern Ireland Music Therapy Trust. We change lives for the better using the power of music.

The Northern Ireland Music Therapy Trust was established on 26th July 1990 by Dr Michael Swallow OBE.

Since then we have helped thousands of people, from children with depression to people who are terminally ill.

Our therapists are skilled, enthusiastic and excited about what they do, so in 2015 we decided to reinvent the charity’s image to reflect that better – and Every Day Harmony was born.

We are passionate about, and committed to supporting, people who find communication and interaction difficult. This may be for a defined period in someone’s life or as the result of a lifelong condition. We believe that because music is a fundamental part of being human, it crosses all barriers. Year after year and person after person we see the evidence of that.

Our aim now is to grow, so that we can reach as many people as possible.

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